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8 Ways to Make Money From Your Website or Blog

There are many ways to earn money from your blog

There are over 1 billion websites on the internet and the vast majority of them never make their creator a dime. Obviously, some people just want a website to display their creativity or rant about politics once in awhile. However, if you’re interested in making serious money (the kind of money that gives you the freedom to finally quit that job you hate), having the right website or blog can be a great way to do it, provided you know what you’re doing. You’re not going to make a fortune overnight, but after a couple of months you can build a steady income. Let’s read on to see what steps you can take to make some money from your blog or website and look at the website building tools that can help you make it happen.

1) Google AdSense & Selling Ads with

Use Google to make more money online

If you’ve got writing skills and are looking to make money online then create a blog. There are thousands of blogs out there - and some of them are making thousands of dollars every month from Google AdSense and selling advertisement space.

When it comes to making money online there is no better client than Google, but smaller advertisers are also good. With Google you can make money with the Cost-Per-Click Model. Basically, you get paid each time a user clicks on an ad. If you can close with a direct publisher, then you can work on a CPM Model.

This basically means you’re getting paid each time a user views your page. Both are great options. On the one hand you set your own price. On the other hand, this method requires more work on your part. Your best bet is to look for companies selling products/services within your niche. After all, it doesn’t make sense to allow ads for Hank’s Sporting Goods when your website is all about carpets!

How to get started

If you want to add Google AdSense or sell ads on your website, then you are going to need a compatible site. is a good choice as you can easily implement the AdSense App. In a matter of minutes you can have Google’s ads on your site and start making money from clicks. You can customize each section of the site and when it comes to making the site SEO friendly, has it all.

Developing the site is the easy part - counting the money you’ll make will be the hard part.



2) Create a Store and Sell Things Online Using Bigcommerce

If you’re good at making bracelets or know how to produce beautiful gift cards then why not sell them online? Ecommerce is a multi-billion dollar opportunity, and best of all the market is a long way from being saturated. As well as selling items on eBay, Craigslist and community sites, you can create your own website and sell your products online.

The good thing about having your own website is that you don’t have to split the income with anyone else. For example, if you put your products up on Amazon, the retail giant will take around 15% of your sales. Another reason to have an online shop, as opposed to a brick and mortar store, is the fact that you can reach a global audience. Thanks to the internet, you can sell a product to someone that is living half away across the world.

The main challenge is defining your ‘competitive advantage’ and creating a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Then, you need to come up with a business model to meet your needs. You might find that it’s more profitable to sell information than physical products. For example if you’re a marketing whiz, why not sell a series of eBooks?

How to get started

If your main goal is to create an online store then Bigcommerce is the best solution currently on the market. Its features include full payment processors, customer tracking, order management tools, tracking codes, reports and the ability to quickly and easily add products. You can even target active buyers by showing up in the most prominent area of their search results in your site.

Creating a store on Bigcommerce is super simple. In a matter of minutes you can have your site up and running. The process is really easy to understand and if you have any questions, you can always hit them up on the 24/7 customer support.

All you have to worry about is choosing which product you are going to sell. The rest is easy.

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Create an online store to earn more


3) Website Flipping Using Site123

If you know a thing or two about computers and have the time and patience to develop something from scratch, then website flipping is the perfect way to make money online.

Website flipping is the process of creating websites, building up a following and then selling for a huge profit. Once you get the hang of it, you could be flipping sites at a rapid pace. If your site is earning $400 a month from the sale of ad space, you could conceivably sell it for $4,000-$8,000. Flippa is probably the best place to flip your website and sell it, but there are many more.

How to get started

What you need is a straightforward web builder, and Site123 fits the bill. The What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) feature allows for fast and effective site building, which is the key to successful website flipping. The mobile support is also top notch and it’s reasonably priced. Site123’s packages make it the perfect website builder, especially when you are looking for a low cost way to develop a site.

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4) Affiliate Marketing with Weebly​

If you’ve got a knack for marketing and want to unleash your inner Don Draper, affiliate marketing could be right up your alley. You’ve probably heard all manner of complicated explanations but in reality, affiliate marketing is simply the process of selling someone else’s products/services and receiving a commission for doing so.

So you just find a product you like and would honestly recommend. Then you endorse the product and advertise to your site’s visitors and subscribers. If you get your marketing just right, people will click on the product and purchase it.

It is arguably the quickest and easiest method of making money online, but only when you’ve done the hard yards. Commission could go as high as 70% depending on who you’re dealing with. The tough part is finding the right market, building an audience and maintaining a good relationship with your readers to ensure they trust what you say.

Earn more with affiliate marketing

How to get Started If you want to become an affiliate marketing superstar, Weebly is one of the best places to start. It makes the process of developing a website a breeze thanks to its simple drag and drop interface. There are a number of themes depending on how you want to display your information and it’s one of the few website builders that offers the tools to build an affiliate marketing site on its free account.

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5) Sponsored Content Using

Who says you have to be a prolific writer to fill your website with quality material? Why not get others to do the hard work for you with sponsored content?

It’s a real ‘double whammy’ as you get extra expert content on your website and the writer pays you for the privilege. Advertisers can use your website to display their expertise on a given topic. You can even do a sponsored giveaway with the advertiser if you want.

Simply create your own niche site and approach the requisite companies asking them to sponsor it with content. Only accept content that your target audience will value or else your site will become nothing more than a dumping ground for garbage.

How to get Started

If you want to make money from sponsored content, is as good a web builder as any for this purpose as its drag-and-drop interface makes adding, editing and updating articles as easy as putting on your socks in the morning.

I was able to set up a simple yet effective website on despite being a novice at web building. It allows you to create responsive or mobile websites and the website personalization tools are a godsend.

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6) Crowdfunding

One way to make money blogging is to ask for it. Especially if your blog is all about a good cause, or you’re trying to build a new business from scratch. To make the most of this opportunity, use a professional crowdfunding app like Shopify ’s Crowd Visibility add on. Crowdfunding works best when you have something great to offer in return, whether it’s shares in your new venture, or something exclusive.

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7) EBook Sales

Build yourself a rapt audience, and they will keep looking for more ways to engage with you. Due to the rise in self-publishing, lots of bloggers are making the most of producing e-books about the topics they are passionate about. You can also advertise your book in advance of release on the blog itself, especially if you use an easy blog creator like the Weebly DIY site builder.

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8) Freemium Services

Excellent content with consistency helps build a loyal user base. Simply put, write well and write often and your visitors will come back for more. The freemium model means you give something away for free, in the hopes that your paid services will be used as well. One great example is blogging about business and offering private consulting sessions. Another is blogging beautiful photos of your travel and lifestyle, and including your details for people to contact you as a photographer for events. With eHost you can share your photos, files and web pages exclusively with family and friends, or to the whole world.

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Bottom Line - Give Value

There are tons of ways to make money online but the crucial thing is to ensure visitors receive something of value. It will be hard at first, as you’ll be forced to work hard to get things moving. Once you’ve established yourself, however, your workload will decrease while your income inevitably increases. While I’m not saying you’ll be counting your cash on a beach in Barbados in 5 years, the added income should give you a welcome lifestyle upgrade.


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