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Wix vs eHost: Which Platform Is Right for Your Website?

On the surface, Wix and eHost​ seem extremely similar.

They share a remarkably similar layout, they both offer tons of perks, and they both make it easy to build a website in minutes with no coding experience.

Appearances can be deceiving, though. Anyone deciding between these powerhouse website builders should first understand what sets them apart from one another.

Wix and eHost go head to head

Templates: Wix Has Fewer Layouts, But They’re Visually Stunning

Anyone who builds a site with a DIY website builder must first choose a template. The template sets the foundation for the site. It provides the layouts, the colors, the fonts, and the general structure (much of which can be altered and customized).

Wix offers just under 400 templates that cover every conceivable purpose and need. There are highly specific options like “Online Language Course,” “Jazz Musician,” and “Urban Church.” It’s even possible to search and preview the templates before signing up.

With just under 700 templates to choose from, eHost has a somewhat better selection – at least in terms of quantity. Like Wix, eHost offers specific niche templates such as “Locksmith,” “Spokeswoman,” and “Nature Photography.”

Unfortunately, the eHost templates aren’t as professional-looking overall. Many of them appear to have identical layouts with just slightly varied color schemes, and many of the designs contain excessive white space and uninspired text arrangements.

Also, eHost doesn’t allow users to search templates before signing up. Users can only click through them one by one or filter them by category.

Winner: Wix


Try WIx


Wix offers a plethora of templates


Features: Wix Has It All...And Then Some

Wix and eHost both boast some of the best features available for the price. Each platform offers:

  • An easy-to-use website builder

  • Free hosting and domain

  • Access to third-party applications

  • A range of SEO tools

  • Complete site analytics

When the features are examined more carefully, though, it quickly becomes clear that Wix has the advantage.

For starters, Wix has nearly 250 third-party applications available in the Wix App Market. These include apps for marketing, social media, conversion optimization, and much more. Just download them from Wix App Market, and they’ll immediately be accessible from your editor screen.

eHost only has a handful of Google apps and a few third-party content management systems like WordPress and Drupal. These can be found in the cPanel. Aside from those few partner apps, you won’t find any third-party plug-ins at this time, but eHost does offer enough built-in features to satisfy the needs of most website owners.

On the SEO side, Wix and eHost both enable you to create title tags, meta descriptions, and image tags at the click of a button. Your site will also receive an automatic XML sitemap so that search engines can crawl your pages more effectively. Without getting too technical, these features make it possible for you to achieve better search engine rankings more easily.

In addition, premium Wix members receive $300 in advertising credits for Google and Yahoo!/Bing. Compare that to the $200 offered by eHost. Wix also offers a free library of nearly 4,000 professional stock images, an easy-to-use mobile app, and a range of really cool slideshow features.

eHost does have its merits. For starters, eHost allows for easy WordPress installation, which is great for those users who only want eHost for the hosting. Wix only allows WordPress installations on a subdomain, which isn’t helpful to most users. eHost also offers all members a full gigabyte of free cloud storage through JustCloud.

Still, with a seemingly endless library of apps, stock images, and customization features, Wix can’t be beat.

Winner: Wix


Pricing: eHost is Available For as Little as $2.75 Per Month

Wix is available free of charge – with a couple of slight catches. With the free version, you have to host Wix advertisements on your site, and top-level domains (like aren’t permitted. The site is automatically hosted on a Wix subdomain like Wix ads remain on the site even at the $5 membership level.

Here’s a general breakdown of the plans and features:

FreeConnect DomainComboUnlimited

Free Hosting


500MB Storage


1GB Bandwidth

Connect a Domain


500MB Storage


1GB Bandwidth

Free Domain


No Wix Ads


3GB Storage


2GB Bandwidth

$300 Ad Vouchers


10GB Storage


Unlimited Bandwidth

eHost doesn’t offer a free version. In fact, they only offer one plan, but the rate is extremely generous considering the features. For as little as $2.75 per month, users gain access to every feature the site has to offer, including unlimited bandwidth and storage.

There is one slight catch, however. The $2.75/mo. rate is only available to users who pay for 36 months in advance. The monthly rate increases as the commitment level decreases. Current pricing (as of January, 2017) is as follows:


 1-month  12-months  24-months  36-months 


In addition, eHost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to any customer who isn’t satisfied. Wix will only provide a full refund within 14 days.

Winner: eHost


Try eHost

eHost takes the win with their incredible features

Ease of Use: eHost is Simple Enough for Any Beginner

This one is a bit of a toss-up. The two website builders are almost identical in every way.

Both offer a top navigation and left-column menu bar with basic commands. Even many of the commands are exactly the same, like “Add,” “Pages,” and “Design.” In addition, each website builder allows for simple drag-and-drop design.  

eHost does have a slight edge, though, if only because their menu items are more clearly labeled. Wix’s left column consists of a series of symbols and icons. As a result, there’s a bit of a learning curve.

With eHost, everything is clearly labeled with text, so even a total beginner can instantly hit the ground running. eHost also has a more user-friendly setup wizard.

Winner: eHost


Support: eHost Connects Users 24/7 With No Hassle

eHost and Wix both offer 24/7 support via phone, email, and live chat. Wix even offers multi-language support in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Plus, both sites offer hundreds of helpful articles and tutorials. Wix has its Help Center, and eHost has its Knowledgebase.

When immediate assistance is required, though, eHost is the clear winner. In fact, Wix’s phone support can be a huge pain.

For starters, Wix reserves priority support to premium members at the $25-per-month level. Users need to submit a support ticket, receive a support ID, and then call with the ID number. Priority members are connected to the VIP support team while the rest of us just have to wait for the general support team.

eHost offers priority support to all members, and it’s available without a support ticket. Their live chat is also responsive at all hours, and their friendly team is extremely knowledgeable.

Winner: eHost


Website Uses: Wix Excels With Personal Websites and Businesses Alike

Wix and eHost are both excellent options for general business websites, blogs, portfolios, CVs, art showcases, and personal websites. In fact, both platforms are on a level playing field when it comes to all types of websites except for one: ecommerce.

Wix has two dedicated ecommerce plans, both of which enable users to build an online store with unlimited products. They also make it easy to accept PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard.

eHost, on the other hand, isn’t set up for ecommerce functionality. As a result, store owners who use eHost are required to install a separate, third-party shopping cart platform from the main control panel.

Compatible shopping carts include Magento, Zen Cart, and OSCommerce. Some of these shopping carts charge fees of their own, and each one has its own learning curve. eHost only takes care of the hosting, and PayPal is the only available payment merchant.

Winner: Wix


Overall Winner: Wix

eHost has a lot going for it, and it keeps getting better. But despite the company’s price advantage and world-class support, it just can’t compete with Wix in terms of features and functionality.

Wix is one of the most powerful and customizable website builders on the market, and it offers these incredible benefits without ever sacrificing ease of use.

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