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How to Build a Fan Fiction Website from Scratch

By Norman Brauns


When you’re emotionally and creatively invested in a book, film, or television series, keeping up with the original isn’t enough. Take the stories you keep spinning in your mind and put them down on paper. Better yet, create an online fan fiction presence so you can share your own inventive character storylines with the world. Even if you’re not particularly tech savvy, you can still write your own fan fiction online and gain a following. Here are some tips for the best ways to set up fan fiction websites:


Save Time with a Template

Don’t try to invent your own wheel. Instead, use a pre-designed template from a website provider. Templates are essentially a very attractive blueprint from which you can learn how to make your own blog or website. They’re pre-built and include images, background graphics, and navigation icons for your site’s subpages. Best of all, once you download a template you can customize it with your own written content and images. When you are trying to start a fan fiction website from scratch, using a template is simply faster and easier than any alternative.



Build Your Blog

Creating a Fan Fiction Website


Your fan fiction site can be designed any way you like, but utilizing the blog feature of a website template to showcase your stories makes sense. Blogs are designed to be updated frequently, allow for a running history of your stories, and can be edited quite easily. Blogs can also have a comment feature, so fans of your writing are able to leave you feedback. Use the unique URL for a blog containing a particular story to promote it on social media or fan fiction forums around the Web.


Tag Your Stories

If your website blog has a tagging function, use it to label your stories. Tags are usually one word long and they help readers find all stories with a similar topic or theme. For instance, if you write a story about a character named Peter and tag the blog with his name, readers can click on the tag to see all of your blogs with the “Peter” tag.


Connect with Other Fans

Promote your fan fiction website online to get more views and help it grow. Find a community forum dedicated to your fandom and share a link to your blog. Connect with other fans on social media using popular hashtags. Ask online fandom friends to promote your writing. Do whatever you can to bring in new visitors. Increasing your views will help you earn respect within your community, and you may even be able to attract impressive guest bloggers.

Whether you write for fun or want to make a career out of fan fiction, starting a website is key to taking your work to the next level. While building a website from scratch sounds scary, it can actually be done in just a few hours. Once you’re up and running, it’s all about crafting great content—your fandom will notice!




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