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5 Blogging Tools That Help You Get More Done

By Norman Brauns


Blogging increases the visibility of your website by adding new content on a regular basis, which is highly valued by search engines, and it gives visitors a reason to return to your website time and time again. Still, even knowing the benefits, it can be challenging to stay on task and consistently post blogs and keep your site fresh. If you aim to update your blog on a certain schedule, such as once per week, take advantage of some free blog tools to remain productive and cultivate interesting content. Here are five of the best blogging tools to help you get more done:

If you have trouble keeping your writing on task with the temptation of social media sites and online shopping just a click away, this helpful tool will serve as an invaluable time keeper. Once you choose your time limit, a giant timer appears on the screen and starts to count down. When time is up, the tool with either beep or ring (your choice) and a pop-up appears. Trying to beat the clock is a useful way to stay on task and get your blogs completed sooner than later.



Infographics are a very shareable addition to any blog, ripe for being placed on Pinterest or Facebook, or embedded within another blog. To get your infographics done quickly, use Piktochart. This infographic-creation platform is user friendly and good for novices, offering more than 100 theme designs. Just drop your images and text into the template and your infographic is ready for placement on your blog.



This scheduling app is another of the best tools for blogging because it keeps your blog strategy in one easy to maintain place. Create a calendar event for each blog you have planned, store some notes, and even link directly to a WordPress blog post. If you share blog duties with colleagues, you can assign someone tasks related to the post, such as editing. Without tracking down Post-it notes or consulting multiple calendars and apps, you can get more done.



This app is a blogger’s secret weapon. While it may seem like a note-taking tool on the surface, it is actually one of the best blog tools you can find when it comes to tracking your inspiration for new content on the fly. The app is available for smartphones, tablets, and desktops. You can take a picture of something on your iPhone, add it to an Evernote entry in the smartphone app, and the content will be waiting for you when you log in to the desktop app later to start creating a blog outline. The seamlessness with which the app works allows you to be more efficient.



If you’re looking for free blogging tools to help spread the word about your posts, SocialOomph will save you time promoting and tracking your blogs on social media. Schedule social posts that include a link to your blog, track the clicks you receive, and track keyword performance all in one place.

Blogging takes commitment, time, and plenty of creativity. Why not make your blogging life a bit easier with the aid of these helpful tools?




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