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By Norman Brauns

Whether you came out victorious in this year’s fantasy football league, or hung your head in shame when you didn’t even make the playoffs, it’s never too early to start preparations for next year. After all, the end of this season just begins the countdown for the next one. Take your league to the next level by creating a custom website. Your site will make it easy for the league manager to share updates about player injuries, important league trades, and other news that members are dying to know about. With the help of these three fantasy football theme ideas, you can have your new site up and running in no time:

Fantasy football website template

WIX Sports Blog Template

The Sports Blog Template offered by WIX has a simple design that is ideal for fantasy leagues where team owners want frequent updates about what is happening in the NFL. Set up in blog format, the template allows your league manager to share news stories about player injuries, changes to an NFL team’s starting lineup, real-life trades, and other stories that might impact who people start on their fantasy team. The space can also be used to update everyone about your own league trades, trading deadlines, and general league rules. Plus, an “About” tab lets you post information about your league, including the team owner biographies and the history of your league. With this template, it will be fast and easy to learn how to make a fantasy football website.

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WIX Football Fansite Template

The WIX Football Fansite Template is designed to pay homage to a real-life team, but can easily be customized to accommodate your fantasy football league’s website needs. Use the “News” section to update league members about important NFL news and player updates, and transform the “Team” page into a listing of your fantasy leagues team owners. The “Next Game” space gives you a place to showcase a big fantasy matchup in the coming week. Pictures and videos of the biggest plays in the previous week can also be added– perhaps a video of the touchdown that allowed an underdog to come back and win his fantasy match.

Squarespace Wells Template

The Wells Template offered by Squarespace is a good choice for leagues that want to show off images, either of fantasy scores or real-game highlights. Transform the default links for “Photography” and “Paintings” to feature your playoff tournament bracket, a group pic of your league members, or a weekly snapshot of final scores. While this fantasy football website template is image heavy, it also has a free blog space. As with the other templates, the blog is perfect for providing regular real-world and fantasy league updates. Ask your league manager to provide all updates, or invite your team owners to trade off blogging duties.

Your fantasy football league is no joke. From pride to a final jackpot prize, there is plenty on the line. Set your league up for success by getting one of these fantasy football website designs and creating your league website today.

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Still have questions about how to get your fantasy team online? Check out these tips for how to create a blog.

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