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Get Cooking: Design the Best Mobile Website for Your Restaurant

  By Norman Brauns

Getting customers in restaurant seats often starts with attracting them online, especially via mobile devices. Imagine a potential patron, walking the aisles of a local department store and slowly noticing a pang of hunger. She takes out her phone, does a local search for nearby restaurants, and starts checking out their websites. If you want your website to stand out from the pack and leave this customer with no choice but to stop by for a bite, you need a dynamic mobile restaurant website. Here are some ways to convert mobile searchers into new patrons:


Compare Best Website Builders


Include Quality Images


Use images of your actual menu items and restaurant’s interior on your website. People are savvy, and then can sniff out a stock image when they see it. You don’t need to hire a professional photographer, but take some high resolution images and include them on the site. Most restaurant website templates make it easy to drag-and-drop photos onto your site, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel (or be a Web developer) to add vibrant photos to responsive website templates.

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Enable Online Ordering


Some customers may not want to sit down for a meal, so you can attract more people by making it easy to order food for take away on your site. Maintaining consistent NAP (name, address, phone number) is a good SEO tactic in general. For restaurant owners with a mobile site, it is especially crucial to have an accurate phone number and address clearly visible. Without this information, it is far more difficult for someone who is on the go to determine how close your restaurant is and call in an order. Even better, include an online ordering portal that is easy to navigate on a mobile site.


Post Your Menu, Scrap the PDF


Give mobile searchers full access to your menu. Forget Flash or PDF and create a responsive webpage that includes the menu items, descriptions, and prices. Anyone on a mobile device who is seeking out local restaurants won’t have time to waste; it should be easy to see exactly what your restaurant has to offer. If creating a replica of your menu seems daunting, remember that many free restaurant templates allow users to easily create charts and other modules where a menu can seamlessly fit.


Get Social


Many mobile websites for restaurants neglect to integrate social media channels. Don’t make this mistake. You can build a rapport with your customers when you connect on sites like Facebook and Instagram. Choose a responsive website template that includes social media icons, and link the icons to the appropriate social pages. Of course, you should also remain active on social media so your customers have a reason to keep following you.

Tackling the task of a mobile restaurant site is easier with the assistance of a mobile site builder. With drag-and-drop tools, photo editing, and mobile-friendly templates at your disposal, you can begin filling your reservation book in no time.


Compare Best Website Builders


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