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Top Benefits for Realtors to Use Website Templates

By Top10 Staff


Realtors rely a great deal on their reputation, and having a professional website is a good way to build some credibility in your community. In this day and age, both buyers and sellers expect to find you in a local Google search; if you’re not online, you will lose out on sales to other real estate agents. While you can certainly pay to have a custom website built for your business, real estate website templates are an appealing and affordable alternative. When you use a template, the blueprint of your site is already established before you begin the task of personalization. Still not convinced you should use a template? Here are three benefits of using one of the real estate web templates instead of building a custom website:

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Cost Considerations

When you hire a web designer to create your website from scratch, it may end up taking weeks—or even months—and the cost can be in the thousands of dollars. On the other hand, website templates are often completely free to download. You may need to pay a nominal monthly fee to use the template once your site is live, or you may be able to use the template free of charge. Even if you enlist a professional web developer to customize the template, the cost savings over building a custom site from scratch are still significant because so many features are pre-loaded. Plus, you’ll save money once your template site is live because it’s easy to make changes or updates yourself. When you get a custom-built website, you are likely to be charged a fee each time you want corrections or a new layout.


Ease of Use

Real estate agent website templates are fairly easy to operate as a general rule. With drag-and-drop technology, instructions for how to edit text, and the ability to set your changes live immediately, even a less than savvy computer user can handle template design updates. When it comes to editing a custom website, on the other hand, the task is best left to a professional. Custom website changes usually involve altering HTML code. If you’re not good with web design, it is very easy to make a mistake that negatively impacts the site. Since real estate agents often need to update listings, whether it be marking a property as sold or updating photos, using a template is the more efficient option.


You Can Get Up and Running Today

Building a custom website doesn’t happen overnight, even if your developer is very good at what he does. If you are a Realtor who wants to be online as soon as possible, this means you will be anxiously waiting on pins and needles for your new site for at least several weeks. On the other hand, if you download a one of the many real estate website design templates available online and purchase a URL, you can get your website up and running in as little as a day.

Building a website for your real estate practice is a smart business move, but paying thousands of dollars for a custom website may not be. Pre-built templates are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and themes, and allow for both time and cost savings. Instead of wasting your valuable resources paying for a custom design, use a website template to get your business online.

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