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Creating a Wedding Website Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

By Norman Brauns


Wedding website

When it comes to pre-nuptial tantrums, you consider yourself much too sophisticated to indulge. And in the organization department, you should really give lessons. Each of your vendor contracts is carefully stowed in the proper place and your top dress options are printed out and filed. But before you rely completely on your carefully color-coded, well-tabbed binder for tracking all things wedding related, consider setting up a personalized wedding website. Your website won’t replace your meticulously crafted binder, but it will be an excellent way to keep guests informed and track your RSVPs. And, free wedding planning websites give you and your guests a fun way to count down to your special day together. Here are a few important things to keep in mind when creating your very own wedding site:



Personalized Website Templates – So Simple And So Productive


Wedding website example


You might think that creating your own wedding website is a complicated process and as a bride, you just don’t have any time to deal with that The good news is that you don’t need to know how to make complicated website edits or design wedding website templates from scratch. When you sign up with The Knot or create a Wix wedding website, for example, you can choose from pre-designed templates. These templates have graphics, creative fonts, and places where you can drag and drop your own images. A personalized template is really simple for you to build upon, and is inviting and easy for guests to navigate.

Expert tip: View Wix website examples and make a list of your favorite website features before you start to create your own site.


Online RSVP Management – Be Constantly Updated

If your plans for the big day include more than 50 guests, one of the biggest headaches you’ll face is keeping track of the responses to your wedding invitations. Websites can make this process easier, as long as you select the right features. When you set up your nuptial-themed site, make sure it has online RSVP management. This feature really simplifies everything. Instead of sending back a card in the mail, your guests can simply log in and send their reply. In most cases, they can also make their dining selections online when they RSVP. It saves you time and stress, it’s environmentally responsible, and better yet, it gives you a full updated report of all the guests in a matter of seconds.


Helpful Registry Links



Even if you register for gifts early in your engagement, guests are bound to lose the registry information you put on your Save the Date cards or wedding invitations. Instead of constantly repeating your registry details, direct friends and family to your wedding website. You can create a registry tab that includes a link to each retailer where you selected gifts, your guests will ask fewer questions and you can get back to planning floral arrangements.

Expert tip: Create a Honeyfund registry where guests can give you cash for your honeymoon. Then link to your Honeyfund account from your wedding website.


Maps And Attractions

Another important feature of any wedding website is a map to your ceremony and reception locations. Guests from out of town will appreciate a mobile-friendly Google map that directs them right to your festivities. Moreover, you can add hotel or activity recommendations in the area, dropping in directions and maps for those, too.

There’s no limit to how many amazing things you can do with a custom website to celebrate your stroll down the aisle. The best thing about is that you can choose a set template and create a very helpful website that can simplify managing your wedding preparations, in seconds.

Ready to tackle your own customized site? You can even learn how to set up a blog to share your wedding planning updates with friends and family.






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