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Battle of the Grad School Portfolios

By Top10 Staff


Your grad school portfolio is the grand finale of your masters level work, the pièce de résistance of your artistry, and the key to your successful graduation. While there are plenty of ways to assemble your artwork online for review by your advisors or other critics, a website designed with a portfolio template is perhaps the best. When you build a graduate school portfolio with WIX or Weebly, you can quickly organize your pieces and present them on a custom URL that looks very professional. Here are some key factors to creating the best grad school portfolio, and how WIX and Weebly measure up in each department:


Get Organized

If your final portfolio is difficult to navigate, or your images arent visible in anything larger than a thumbnail, your project will suffer. Your grad school website should have a gallery where your images are on display in a sensible way. If your school requires captions or other written content alongside your pieces, choose a template that enables the easy addition of text boxes. While both WIX and Weebly offer websites specifically for portfolios, WIX has a broader selection of portfolio templates that put images front and center on the homepage. On the other hand, Weebly portfolio templates tend to have a gallery page that is linked from the homepage. This style may be ideal for grad school projects when you want to explain and introduce your work before leading people to the portfolio images.


Have a Point of View

By the time you near your graduate diploma, professors already know that you have technical skill. When you present your portfolio, its time to prove you have a strong sense of who you are as a masters level artist. You need to have a portfolio that allows you to tell a clear story. Both WIX and Weebly let you personalize a template, altering the order of images as you finalize your project. Both website providers also have at least some templates that include a strong single image on the homepage where you can boldly introduce your final portfolio with a statement piece.


Make Sure the Images Display Well

Each university has its own review policy, but your graduate advisors or committee may want to project your portfolio images on a much larger scale to evaluate them in greater detail. Anticipate what your larger-than-life pieces will look like by testing out your online portfolio on a projected screen. Both WIX and Weebly templates accept high resolution images in a variety of sizes. High-res pictures stand a greater chance of translating to the large scale. Since WIX has more portfolio-specific templates, you will have more options than with Weebly and can be inspired by some grad school portfolio examples.

Portfolios for graduate school are an opportunity to showcase how far youve evolved since you first entered the masters program. Choose vibrant, story-telling images with care, and let them shine on a portfolio template with WIX or Weebly. While both website providers have their benefits, WIX presents the broader range of portfolio templates and affords live previews of most portfolio website samples , so you can better envision your own project before you commit to a template.


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