Compare The Best Website Builders of 2018

Best Portfolios for Writers & Authors

By Norman Brauns


Are you a novelist, blogger, or writer who wants to reach a new audience online? Setting up a professional website is a good place to start. This site will act as an online portfolio, letting you showcase your latest projects, draw in new readers, attract freelance clients, and even sell copies of your work. Not all templates are designed for a creative spirit, however. A site aimed at clothing designers, for instance, may have plenty of room for displaying garments for sale but no blogging feature. If you’re serious about building a successful online portfolio, get started by downloading one of these three author website templates:


WIX Author Website Template

The WIX Author Website Template is ideal for showcasing book covers, reviews, and novels for sale. The time involved with creating an author website will be significantly reduced by choosing this template, simply because the headings, buttons, and tabs already have convenient titles like “Books.” Feature your latest work on the homepage, and use the other modules to display additional pieces from your portfolio. You can quickly turn this template into an eCommerce site where visitors are able to purchase your books, essays, and other pieces from your portfolio. Link to PayPal and you can use your website to earn money while you sleep.


WIX Literature Blog Website Template

This website design is great for people who not only love to share their own writing, but also talk about the literary world and engage in conversations about books. Set up in blog format, the template lets you feature your posts on the homepage. Discuss your experience at the latest writers conference, a book you’re working on, or an essay you found thought-provoking. When you enable the comments feature on the blog you invite conversation from your visitors and can begin to form meaningful online relationships with your fans. In addition to the blog, this template has modules to highlight what you’re reading now, reviews of other writers, and your favorite book of the year so far—of course, you can always alter the titles of each module if you need to.


Webs Sunny Template

The Sunny Template is set up to showcase a family farm in the Webs template library, but don’t let that fool you. The color scheme and functionality of the template still make a pretty cool backdrop for a writer’s portfolio. Drop a banner into the header image that lets people know who you are as a writer, whether it’s your favorite quote over a serene background or a custom header with your headshot alongside your name and tagline. Room for photos and complementary text on the homepage let you put some clips of your work front and center.

It can be overwhelming to imagine the task of creating an author website. Design templates make the job a lot easier, so you can spend less time learning website development and more time doing what you love! Remember to craft a creative URL for your website, so visitors can remember where to find you and your professional online portfolio.



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